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Are your tenants complaining about the cleaning contractors? Are the Leaseholders happy with the costs they are charged for the cleaning and grounds maintenance services? Do you find yourself reaching out for the phone to deal with yet another complaint about the cleaners not turning up here for several weeks? Did you get a positive response from your cleaning contractor after you raised the complaint or some fatuous justification bordering on "the tenants are not keeping the place clean, they are too filthy, they make too much mess and don't value their environments"?

Well, let's face it. If residents kept the place clean, there wouldn't be a job or the need for us, the cleaners. Would there be? This is our viewpoint on service delivery. We believe residents have a right to demand value for money and we also believe in working with the housing officers and managers to ensure this is delivered.                                                                                                                               We are transparent and do not believe in making excuses. When we clean your estates, you would know it's been cleaned. So would your residents. If your residents do not see our operatives at their tasks because their lifestyle does not leave them much time to be around to observe these or they are of limited sight and vision, they would still be able to smell, yes.., SMELL, our distinct cleaning fragrance for at least another 24 hours after our visit. 

Tired of excuses? We don't make any, but don't take our words for it, please visit our clients and testimonial pages for comments from clients that includes tenants and leaseholders.

Not enough to convince you to reach for the phone? 

We also have years of experience of cleaning in multi-cultural innercity social estates. We provide regular management reports to housing officers on the state of the sites we visits so they don't always have to worry about what is happening on their estates. We even provide digital pictures from On-Site Supervisors who are all equipped with their own PDAs. No wonder residents and leaseholders of a client across 250 sites gave us 89% satisfaction result in a survey across 12 local government areas in Essex and less than 4% dissatisfied. This was only 65% satisfaction rate when we took over from a regular "big boy" cleaning company a year ago! 

What's more? Residents and staff of another partnership contract in London have consistently scored us higher than 7 other contractors offering the same services across London, Kent and Oxford.

We engage directly with your residents as part of our services. You see, we are a learning organisation and are not afraid of being 'told as it is' by residents unlike other cleaning firms that would ask you to shield them from your residents who only wants good service and better value for money.  


We are partnered with the A2Dominion Housing Group for the full range of estate cleaning services across the whole of North, East London and the Enfield areas. We are also the partner of choice for Chelmer Housing Partnership, the largest not-for-profit housing association in Essex, to keep their over 250 sites and shopping parades in sparkling state of cleanliness.We also work with smaller registered social landlords such as the Tamil Housing Association, the Spitalfields Housing Association as well as the North London Muslim Housing Association to deliver resident-led cleaning, grounds maintenance, carpet and window cleaning, as well as bulk refuse removal services.

If you really desire an improved estate cleaning services, reduced complaints from residents and an experience of what it is to have a forward-thinking cleaning firm working with you or simply tired of excuses from non-performers, sweep out the 'old broom' and call us now on 020 3356 9668 for a quotation or a NO OBLIGATIONS discussion.

We are also available via email or by fax 020 7326 1608.