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Below are direct and unedited excerpts of comments made by our clients.

Area Housing Manager (A2Dominion HG) - "The reason for this email is to say "thank you" for all the hard work which your company has put into the maintenance of the above building. As you are aware we have had on-going issues with your predecessors. Residents were not satisfied at the standard of cleaning which was being provided. Today I have job satisfaction thanks to you.

Keep up the good work.


Wyndham ClinicsI was impressed with the results.., my wooden floor was so nice!”

SRS Bureau my carpets came back to life.., when I was thinking of getting rid of it!”

Calverts Co-opexceeded all our expectations.., increased the customer experience!”

Feline Soft up to the usually high standards!”

Mark Turnbull (Photography) – just thought the place looked great.., it took about five minutes before I realised it was the floor that smelt so nice!”

Creation Company am sure you’ll do very well in 2006 if you continue to clean as well as you did my place!”

Housing Association Tenant (Guinness Trust, Loughborough Park, SW9)“…always know when the cleaners have been!”

Leasholder (A2Dominion HG – “…I would like to confirm that your staff have been to Benjamin House and would like to let you know that they have done an excellent job today.   When I returned home this evening it was amazing to see the transformation!  I am sure you would also like to know that your staff are extremely polite!”

Portland Media Ltd“excellent, excellent…we are completely satisfied with the service and have no complaints whatsoever. Thank you!”

Davensport Residential Mortgages Esskay is so professional and focused on customer service. They bent over backwards to accommodate our office cleaning needs and their service has been impeccable since they took over our cleaning!”

Prosperity Capital Management (UK) Ltd - "There is only one stipulation, I must insist that you continue ALWAYS to use whatever it is that smells so lovely, we all love it!

Alpha Browett Taylor Property (Investment & Management) Ltd

Chelmer Housing Partnership -

Homes for Haringey Ltd -