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16-07-07 - EsskayClean moves into Kent

" As word gets around about the quality of service that we provide, we get calls that are frankly challenging.

With more clients preferring to deal with quality service cleaning firms instead of the usual run of the mill outfits, we get innundated with requests from potential clients wishing to focus purely on growing their businesses rather than dealing with mundane matters such as cleaning on their premises.

One such challenge meant that EsskayClean has been asked to move into the Seveoaks area of Kent to provide unparallel office cleaning and grounds maintenance service to Estate House, Pembrook Road.

We will be waving our magic wand over the scheme in order to bring it up to its full glory in the coming weeks" 

13-07-07 - EsskayClean achieves BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000 certification 

"Following an assessment by an independent body, EsskayClean has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. This certification has only been achieved by about 5% of UK businesses and this prestigious award is supported by the Government and recognised world-wide.

Said a delighted Kay, "We have always been proud of the service we offer our clients and the way that we conduct our business. Now with the award of ISO 9001 certification, this has been confirmed by outside experts who are used to judging standards on a daily basis in a wide variety of trades and industries".  

Peter Carvin, who undertook the assessment for QMS Quality Management Systems, paid tribute to "the investment in people and training that enables EsskayClean to provide an efficient service to their customers" 

Who says lightning does not strike twice, especially on the same day? So it was, on the same day we were drying the ink on our newest contract, we were also being presented with our Certification. Talk about Friday the 13th!

13-07-07 - TAMIL HOUSING ASSOCIATION comes to town

"We are proud to be associated with the determined efforts of the Tamil Housing Association to provide outstanding services based upon best values to their residents.

Being engaged to deliver first class cleaning, grounds maintenance and gardening services by a caring landlord to their residents is a honor we intend to justify as we work with our newest client.

Of course, residents would be given full contact and access details to our Team Supervisors as well as the Management Team as we do not believe that Landlords engaging our services need to shield us from their residents as many cleaning firms would like." 

11-07-07 - DEMICA LIMITED engages EsskayClean

"Once again, we have proven that it is not wise to take your customers for granted, as many organisations do to their cost!

With EsskayClean, every client is treated with respect and as one with unique requirements. Every job and site is also regarded as a testimonial deserving of our very best efforts at all times.

Evidently, this continues to pay off, as we have just been engaged to provide cleaning services to our brand new client who was so impressed by our services to another client's premise they visited in the course of their own business.

We are, of course, pleased to add Demica Limited to our growing list of satisfied clientele".

25-05-07 - KOPYKAT Printing Ltd takes a cue

"It is truly a measure of the trust in your services by clients when you get calls out of the blue asking you to commence cleaning services immediately even before you have had the chance to discuss the proposals or put in a quote for the service!

When 74% of your new contracts are coming in directly from word of mouth advertising, it says you are doing something right.

So it was with delight, but no surprise that we welcome KopyKat to the select club of EsskayClean clientele!"

04-05-07 -  PROSPERITY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (UK) Limited opts for reliable & quality office cleaning service

"We have consistently stated that the quality and reliability of services are the bedrock upon which any service provider's reputation is founded or floundered.

Our watchword is 'Cleaning to a Standard, Not a Price' and we have consistently delivered on this promise, hence we were not surprised to be called in for 'emergency cleaning' cover in this instance.

Unfortunately, for the erstwhile cleaning outfit, the quality of our services speaks for itself and we have been asked to deliver the cleaning services to the company's new offices in Cavendish Square, W1 offices on a permanent basis. 

We salute the courage of Prosperity Capital Management in making a clear decision on their cleaning requirements and welcome them on board."

30-04-07 - EsskayClean launches initiative to raise profile of cleaning services to Housing Associations

"EsskayClean is currently conducting a survey of housing managers within the registered social housing sector.

We are doing this to promote a new initiative aimed at raising the profile of cleaning services to the registered social housing sector as landlords, promote the quality of service delivery, aid public landlords in increasing residents satisfaction with their homes and to measure more efficiently and effectively, the use of service charge receipts.

The first 50 respondees are to be entered into a draw for a Kingston 4GB DataTraveller - II Plus Migo USB Flash Drive."

 26-04-07 - AlphaBrowettTaylor comes on board.

"We are delighted to have been instructed by AlphaBrowettTaylor to take on the cleaning of their Chapel Place, Shoreditch site.

AlphaBrowettTaylor Ltd is a private and independent company whose focus revolves around the investment and management of properties and as such we are proud to have been chosen to complement their services.

Obviously, EsskayClean would be raising the standard of service on the site and would bring in its experience of 'clean blitzing' to bear on this site."

16-04-07 - Regenerated Hounslow Town Centre to be EsskayCleaned.

"It is a testimony to the quality of our services and pricing that Acton Housing Association is entrusting the Cleaning, Gardening, Grounds Maintenance and Waste Removal Contract for Renaissance & Baroque Courts, Prince Regents Road, TW3 to us following a successful tendering exercise earlier in the year.

We will, of course, continue to set the standard of cleaning services for the other cleaning contractors engaged by the Association to follow. This is because we believe residents and leaseholders deserve best values for their service charge payments.

Winning the entire service contract for this landmark development is also a vindication of our approach to the services that we offer to landlords and their officers and we can only build upon this in the future."