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The prime reason for void cleaning is not just to maintain the homes in a hygienic condition for the sake of the incoming residents, although that is an extremely important reason. Esskay FM Ltd believes high standards of cleanliness are desired in order that the correct image is projected. If the aesthetic appeal is high, residents and visitors will be encouraged to maintain this image and protect the integrity and fabric of their homes.

Our cleaning operatives are trained to ‘inspect’ as they clean every area of your building. They are also usually the last set of commissioned operatives to ‘work’ on a building before the new residents move into their new homes and are able to report damages or repair defects to the building fabric as it occurs and are more likely to notice a loose floor tile, loose floor boards, blocked drainages or faulty electric sockets. This detailed cleaning regime and inspection may also highlight signs of pest intrusion into a building by droppings, wood scraps which may have been gnawed off wood along walls etc.

As well as contributing to the hygiene of the building, close checking of the building fabric during cleaning will extend the intervals between repairs programmes and requirement for the replacement of fittings – thus reducing building maintenance costs and increasing resident satisfaction with their homes.

EsskayFM clients, such as Homes for Haringey and A2Dominion Housing Group, have come to rely on us to provide a highly responsive service that takes in their needs in terms of meeting demanding KPIs such as void turnaround targets and re-letting periods in pressurized environments such as those imposed by voids allocation processes and choice based lettings. It is our absolute confidence and awareness of the need of our clients to reduce or minimize their void losses and our confidence in our ability to deliver on these kinds of targets that makes us invaluable in works of this nature.

EsskayFM clients benefit from a range of services and tasks such as general communal area cleaning, grounds maintenance, gardening, waste removal, void clearing and cleaning, show flat preparations and occupied homes cleaning. Our cleaning operatives are regularly given extreme training and demonstration of the standard required in all areas and types of void cleaning to ensure that consistently high standards are achieved.

From having been in the fortunate position of having a senior management team that has been in the situation of not only having to manage and programme void allocations, void cleaning and repairs services as clients and also delivering a cleaning service of this type to other registered social housing providers as contractors – we have considerable experience and knowledge of your requirements and are extremely confident that we can provide our clients with the following:-

  a)            Pro Active Management Team

  b)            Flexibility

                                              c)            Value for Money

All of the above obviously ensures that a totally reliable, high quality level of void cleaning service is continuously achieved and provided to your properties by Esskay FM Ltd.

We don't do empty boasts, we clean empty homes brilliantly! One of our partners, Homes for Haringey also thinks so as we come 9 out 10 on their scoreboard!

Email us at or phone 020 3356 9668 to enjoy the benefits and.....

Advantages of hygienic void cleaning of empty homes:

 ·        Reduced voids losses

·         Improved void turnaround figures

 ·        Pride by residents in their homes

·         Improved residents health and aesthetics

·         Improved voids nomination acceptance ratio

·         Improved residents’ satisfaction with their homes

·         Minimise the level of complaints by incoming residents

·         Disincentive to abuse the building by vandalism and graffiti

·         A visible sign that the landlord / owners care for their residents